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Titans sign Antonio Johnson; What does it mean for Karl Klug?

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Is Klug really in danger of not making the Titans' roster in 2013?

Grant Halverson

Karl Klug disappeared in 2012. I was never able to understand that after the success he had in 2011, but he just wasn't ever on the field last season. John Glennon wondered here if the drop in production was because of the drop in playing time or the drop in playing time was because of the drop in production. Excellent question...

Glennon's article asks what the future holds for Klug. That is another excellent question, but I am having trouble figuring out how he doesn't make this roster. I get that they are trying to get bigger in the middle, but are they really going to keep DaJohn Harris and/or Zach Clayton over Klug?

They will keep 5 defensive tackles. Jurrell Casey, Sammie Lee Harris and Mike Martin are locks to be on the roster. That leaves two more spots. Let's assume that one of those is for Mookie Johnson (although I do not think he is a lock). That leaves the 5th spot for Klug, Harris or Clayton. Those guys are bigger, but they don't really add anything to the line that you don't already have, but Klug does.

Now they just need to figure out how to use him....