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Titans rookie OTA report: Brian Schwenke leading by example

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Schwenke is starting to remind me of a guy who should soon have HOF after his name.

Frederick Breedon

For most Titans fans, the moment that the interior of the offensive line fell apart was the moment that the team let Kevin Mawae walk out the door. What is funny about that is most analysts said that the Titans were better off in the Ravens playoff game with Leroy Harris(!) at center. While Harris was superior physically to Mawae at that point in his career, the Titans saw that there was so much more to Mawae's game than just the physical in the next few years.

Enter Brian Schwenke. Reading John Glennon's article on him reminds of a Kevin Mawae. It would be ridiculous to compare him to Mawae this early on, but read this quote from Glennon's article and you will see what I am talking about:

"I feel like I can lead an offensive line. I’m no Ray Lewis. I can’t yell at the whole team, but I feel like I do a good job of leading the offensive line," he said. "You’ve got to really become confident and take charge of that role, and all the guys will listen to you.

I like where he is going with that. He might not be the starting center in 2013, but he is a guy that the coaches are going to fall in love with.