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Quick Shot: Blast from the Past, Brian Schwenke edition

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Find out who Brian Schwenke best resembles from past Titans teams.


I know i have made a comparison between Brian Schwenke and a former Titan offensive lineman multiple times, but this post will show you just how close the two are. That's right, Brian Schwenke reminds me of Kevin Mawae.

Size and Frame: Brian Schwenke: 6'3" 314 lb. / Kevin Mawae 6'4" 289 lb.

Mawae was a little taller, but almost 30 lb. lighter than Schwenke. However, Schwenke plays with similar pad level and doesn't lose any of the athleticism that Kevin Mawae's slimmer build allowed.

College Merits: Brian Schwenke All-Pac-12 first-team / Kevin Mawae All SEC multiple time selection, including one first-team.

Both Schwenke and Mawae were excellent competitors when stacked up to the fellow teams and players in their divisions. Schwenke managed to overtake Khaled Holmes from USC by staying healthy, prominent and productive.

Durability in College: Brian Schwenke 48/50 starts/ Kevin Mawae 41/45 starts

Schwenke managed to start an incredible 96% of his games on a top 25 college team that consistently had to play against good interior line competition. Mawae on the other hand still managed to top 90% and played on an SEC powerhouse against some of the best competition in the nation.

Versatility: Brian Schwenke at least eight starts at RG, C, and LG / Kevin Mawae started all over the line including offensive tackle.

Offensive line coaches obviously thought very highly of both at the college level because both moved all over the line and earned national recognition for their performances there. That versatility is important when you think about Schwenke as a back up player in his first year, just in case he doesn't immediately earn a spot in camp.

Disposition and playing style:

If there was ever a dirty offensive lineman on the Tennessee roster it was Kevin Mawae. I never saw him do anything blatantly aggressive, but when it was time to elect the "Dirtiest Player in the League" Mawae was always mentioned. On the flip side, Schwenke is a mean player with a nasty disposition, and while he hasn't seen his first "DPitL" voting period yet, I could see his aggression and relentlessness earning him a vote or two.

Final Summary: Brian Schwenke has some big shoes to fill with a comparison to a top center who was elected to a whopping eight All-Pro selections. However, I think with the strong teammates he has next to him and similar (if not better) athletic ability and nastiness, I could see him being as good whether he gets recognized or not.