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Tennessee Titans Offseason Awards pt. 2

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Which moves deserve the most praise by the Titans, and which moves just make you question the franchise? Find out in the 2013 Titans offseason awards.

Rick Stewart

I had to cut my last post in half or else it would have topped 1200 words, and I would rather keep my posts short and sweet. So in the spirit of that idea, here is part two, the final five awards.

6. Worst Contract: Shonn Greene- Like I said in the last post, I have no issue with adding a more athletic Lendale White to the Titans to help grind out those short yardage situations, but the money was just too much and for too long.

Runner up: Delaine Walker- I think that Walker is a great TE/FB in terms of blocking and adding versatility, but the money Tennessee spent on him is more apt for a proven pass catcher that can play every down either in-line or out wide, not in the backfield blocking.

7. Most Underrated Signing: George Wilson- When you add a top-10 safety (eighth on PFF's listing) then you have something, but the Titans added him for two years and hardly a tweet was sent. Wilson can and should earn substantial time on the struggling Tennessee defense.

Runner up: Sammie Lee Hill- SLH is a big run defender, but he isn't a one-trick pony. Hill is a relentless player in the middle who is much more nimble than you would expect after seeing his height/weight combo. Putting him next to Casey will it tough for opponents to run up the gut, which is a factor that the Titans have been missing for the last few seasons.

8. Most Underrated Draft Pick: Blidi Wreh-Wilson- "B-dubs" is a 1st round caliber press corner with incredible recovery speed and the size to finally compete for jump balls on the outside. Not only should he see playing time early in nickel roles, but he could steal the starting job full time from Verner if the Titans decide that they don't want to pay him big money after this season.

Runner up: Brian Schwenke- A nasty center would be fun to watch on Sundays, and if he and Warmack have better chemistry than Velasco and Warmack then he could easily earn the starting job. Also, Schwenke is lighting quick after the snap and if the Titans want to run some creative screens then getting Walker, Levitre, and Schwenke out on the edge for CJ could be a nice way to confuse defenses.

9. Most Deserving of an extension: Ruston Webster- I don't know when Webster's contract is up, but he has made some GREAT draft picks. Adding players like Klug and McCarthy in the later rounds, and correctly evaluating players with misconceptions (like taking Brown despite his rep for being soft) have really impressed me. If Hunter pans out the Titans should use the money they were going to pay that traded 3rd round pick, to extend Webster. I'm kidding...well kinda.

Runner up: Alterraun Verner- One of the best nickel CBs in the game, Verner has been forced into the starting job outside and he has preformed well. If the Titans think they have enough young talent to support another big, long contract deal for a defensive back then ATV may be the next player to sign an extension for the Titans.

10.Most pressure to succeed: Tie Jake Locker/Mike Munchack: Unless the Titans somehow make the playoffs despite a bad year from Jake Locker, then the two will likely share a fate at the end of the season. A solid year from Jake and both are safe. A bad year and well...lets hope it doesn't come to that.

Runner up: Justin Hunter- I have said this a lot over the last two articles, but Hunter needs to look pretty good this season to justify spending a 2nd and a 3rd round pick on the physical phenom. The fans don't need much to see promise, but it would be nice to see him reduce his drops and have a nice 40-ish catch season where he proves he can be an effective deep threat.