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Tennessee Titans Offseason Awards pt. 1

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Which moves deserve the most praise by the Titans, and which moves just make you question the franchise? Find out in the 2013 Titans offseason awards.

Frederick Breedon

The Titans had a great offseason, and whether or not the Titans sign John Abraham I think the best and worst moves have been made. Find out who won (and who were the runner-ups) my first five awards.

1. Best Move: Drafting Chance Warmack- No matter what the post draft talk is, Chance Warmack was a consensus future-pro-bowl-level player going into the draft, and honestly he was THE best player in the draft regardless of positional vaue. The Titans certainly came into the draft with a plan (run the ball) and Chance Warmack fits that theme so well. He could have changed the Titans short running game single-handed, but it turns out he was just the jumbo-sized cherry on top of the sundae.

Runner up: Andy Levitre- Less upside and a big contract make him #2 on my list, but Levitre is still a future pro-bowler that will keep the heat off of Jake Locker.

2. Worst Move: Not Firing Jerry Gray- There was a huge public outcry for the Titans to fire current DC Jerry Gray, and how he still has a job is crazy to me. You can't make an argument that having a new coach running the defense wouldn't be an upgrade considering that Gray led the Titans to their worst defensive season in franchise history. Adding a Lovie Smith or even just making Gregg Williams the official DC would have made much more sense to me.

Runner up: Shonn Greene's Contract- Too much money for a second string back. I don't mind the player, but the money concerns me.

3. Biggest Risk/Reward: Justin Hunter- Let's go over Hunter's combine numbers, Height: 6'4", 4.44s 40-yard dash, 39.5 inch vertical jump, 136 inch broad jump, with long lanky 33.25 inch arms. That physical makeup is insane, and is only second to Calvin Johnson's mind-shattering combine figures. The only two reasons this pick is a risk is because the Titans traded away a future 3rd round pick and the Titans have to be concerned about his college drops.

Runner up: Gregg Williams- The Titans have always had a nasty persona stemming from the Haynesworth/Mawae days, and while adding Williams doesn't help that image it could add some intensity to a lackluster defense.

4. Most Improved Situation: Jake Locker- Despite what some analysts (who have only seen bits and pieces of Titans games) will say, Locker's biggest issue wasn't OC, a lack of weapons, or even entirely his accuracy it was CONSISTENT pressure in his face on almost every passing down. The constant rotation of backup guards and centers playing in front of Locker gave him no consistency and no help when facing even above average rushers.

Runner up: Chris Johnson- CJ had to face the same issues as Locker last year, but he still manages to gain over 1,000 yards as long as the Titans treat him like a featured running back.

5. Best Contract: Bernard Pollard- The Titans could have paid Pollard a longer contract for more money and I wouldn't have minded, but to get him on a one-year "earn it" deal is just begging Pollard to put together a highlight reel season for one more big, long contract.

Runner up: Ryan Fitzpatrick- Fitz is an athletic-ish QB that has the mental acuity to come into a game and win it or finish a season if something really bad happens to Jake. Signing him for relatively cheap is a much bigger deal than people realize. Is Fitzpatrick as good as Aaron Rogers, no but he can win some games.