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Titans rookie mini-camp report: Munchak more hands on

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Here are a couple of links to reports on this weekend's mini-camp.

Frederick Breedon

It has been obvious to everyone for the past two years that the Titans needed to upgrade their interior offensive line- well everyone except for Mike Munchak and Ruston Webster. That apparently changed this offseason. They spent a lot of money and high draft picks on interior offensive lineman, and now Munchak is taking on a more involved role in the coaching of the offensive line. Here is what he told Titans Online about that:

It’s something Bruce and I talked about a couple of years ago, actually, at some point I’d like to do that again, even when I took the head job, that I’d like to be more involved or actually involved because otherwise, if you’re not there on more of a daily basis, it’s hard to kind of poke in and make the changes you want to do,” Munchak continued. “It’s something I enjoy, and we work well together, and we feel he can bring a great impact on this offensive line.
While I have my questions about Munch as a head coach, there is no question that he is a fantastic offensive line coach. Having him more involved in the day-to-day with the line can do nothing but help.

Also, read Jim Wyatt's 5 things from rookie mini-camp for some really good info.