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Quick Shot: Will Brown have more sacks than Ayers?

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Akeem Ayers is the preseason favorite to lead the team in sacks, but people may be overlooking just how good Zach Brown was over a short stint as a starter.

Frederick Breedon

The Titans have made it clear at this point just how much they like Akeem Ayers as a pass rusher. The general consensus is that Ayers will see much more time at defensive end this year, and that likely means he will finish with 10 or more sacks considering how little he actually has gotten to rush the passer over the last two years.

Personally I see a lot of Lamarr Woodley in Akeem Ayers, both are strong rushers who play well with their hands and do well consistently getting back to the QB when asked to, even though they are unspectacular athletes. While all that makes him a strong candidate for being TN's sack leader there is another candidate who could be in for a surprise year.

2012 2nd round pick Zach Brown is everything you could ask for in a linebacker. Brown's elite speed and new found physicality make him the perfect WLB for a defense piloted by Gregg Williams. In the former Saints DC's system it seems like he is planning to use behemoths like Ropati Pitoitua, Sammie Lee Hill, and Jurrell Casey to clog up the offensive line and allow aggressive perpetrators to come from the linebacker spot to make TFLs and other splash plays. At least that is what the free agent signings tell me.

This could lead to more of a 4-3 "overhang" type of defense like the Broncos run. This means that really the Titans will be playing almost a 5-2 where Zach Brown would make an interesting blitzer especially if the coaching staff like Ayers to cover the tight ends (like how well he did vs Miami) and if they think that Morgan is the perfect fit at Dumervil's spot in the Denver example.

If Brown is used as a trailing rusher and can stay on the field more than the 600 snap range he did in 2012 then their could be a serious battle for the spot of top sack artist, not even considering Derrick Morgan who has a strong claim to the title.