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Tennessee Titans 2013 Point Spreads

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See how Vegas thinks the Titans will do in 2013.


So has released point spreads for weeks 1-16 of the upcoming NFL season (week 17 is off the board because a lot of teams will rest guys due to already having clinched a playoff spot/seed). The Tennessee Titans are not favored to win a game until week 10 when Jacksonville comes to LP Field. In fact, they are only favored to win two games all season- that one and the Cardinals game at home in week 15. Two other games, week 5 at home against the Chiefs and week 16 at Jacksonville, are pick 'ems.

Here is the complete schedule with the point spreads:

Week 1: Tennessee Titans at Pittsburgh Steelers (-7)
Week 2: Tennessee Titans at Houston Texans (-7.5)
Week 3: San Diego Chargers at Tennessee Titans (+2.5)
Week 4: New York Jets at Tennessee Titans (+1)
Week 5: Kansas City Chiefs at Tennessee Titans (Pick)
Week 6: Tennessee Titans at Seattle Seahawks (-11)
Week 7: San Francisco 49ers at Tennessee Titans (+7)
Week 8: BYE
Week 9: Tennessee Titans at St. Louis Rams (-4.5)
Week 10: Jacksonville Jaguars at Tennessee Titans (-3.5)
Week 11: Indianapolis Colts at Tennessee Titans (+1)
Week 12: Tennessee Titans at Oakland Raiders (-1)
Week 13: Tennessee Titans at Indianapolis Colts (-4.5)
Week 14: Tennessee Titans at Denver Broncos (-10)
Week 15: Arizona Cardinals at Tennessee Titans (-1)
Week 16: Tennessee Titans at Jacksonville Jaguars (Pick)

So if you split the pick games, Vegas thinks the Titans will be 3-12 heading into week 17, and Mike Munchak will be looking for another job. Do you think that is a realistic possibility?