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Where in the world are Titans fans?

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Let's see how diverse our MCM community is in 2013.

Joe Robbins

About four years ago, I posted an editable map to see how spread over the world MCM fans are. There were fans all over the map, from Murfreesboro, TN to Yokosuka, Japan. You can check that map out here.

The MCM community has grown exponentially since then, and a lot of you probably don't even remember the active users then (hal41605?) so let's try it again. Here's how we can do this.

1) Go to this Google Maps link.

2) Click edit. (You might have to be logged into a Google account)

3) Click the little blue pinpoint icon in the top left of the map.

4) Place yourself where you are from and type in your MCM username in the title, and a description if you want.

Let's see how diverse our MCM community is. Maybe some of the out-of-towners can find another Titans fan or two in your area to watch a game with, if this works well.

Here's what we look like as of Thursday evening: