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Tennessee Titans release Lavelle Hawkins

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The Hawk was never able to live up to his potential, and now, HE GONE!

Grant Halverson

Lavelle Hawkins, who has been a preseason warrior and an MCM favorite at times, has been released by the Tennessee Titans today according to Jim Wyatt. You knew there had to be somebody out after the signing of Kevin Walter and the drafting of Justin Hunter. Most people assumed it would be Nate Washington, and while he is still not guaranteed a spot, he is not the first to go.

The Hawk is just another one of those guys that showed flashes at times but was never able to put it all together. The Titans actually gave him decent money after the 2011 season, which turned out to be a stupid move considering he had trouble being active on game day for most of the 2012 season.

Please leave a condolence note to Jonne in the comments. He will probably be beside himself with grief for the next few days.

One last time together- CAW! CAW!