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2013 NFL Draft: Which Titans Prospects Will Turn Into Future Starters?

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Pick four players from the Titans draft class that will be have a big impact in Tennessee.


One of the reasons the NFL is so successful is that it sells optimism to it's fans. The NFL Draft definitely plays right into that. All 32 teams and their respective fanbases are thrilled about their newest draft class and rightfully so. We don't know how any of these players will turn out. Some will turn into superstars, others solid contributors and inevitably many won't find success in the league. Last year Ruston Webster said that a draft is successful if you can find 2-3 starters. I pulled out my crystal ball and found three prospects I think will be starters and another solid contributor. I know it'll be hard to select just four but unfortunately some players won't pan out. Which four players do you think are destined for long term success in Tennessee?

I'll start with the easy ones. Chance Warmack and Brian Schwenke are two highly respected prospects about to be coached by two Hall of Fame ex-linemen. Both are already good linemen with low high floors. Warmack will be a starter from Day 1, so his spot here is pretty obviously. Schwenke is a little harder to figure out. His path to the starting lineup is blocked right now by Fernando Velasco, who is playing out a one-year deal. Velasco could be let go if the team feels Schwenke is set up for long term success (initially at a cheaper price).

This next one will come as no surprise to anyone either, as I clearly think Justin Hunter has a chance to be really special. The two keys are if the coaching staff can use him properly and if he can stay healthy. Put me down for two checkboxes in those categories.

Now it becomes a little more difficult. Which of the promising prospects will become a solid contributor? Zaviar Gooden is stuck behind a young group of talented linebackers so I opted not to go with him. Blidi Wreh-Wilson has a similar problem (although less so). If Verner isn't re-signed once his contract ends then BWW's opportunity for an impact skyrockets. Right now I think Verner stays in Nashville and Wreh-Wilson is a depth corner.

I'm going to play it safe here and avoid the riskier picks of the late rounds. That leaves Lavar Edwards. He'll be used all over the field and can lighten the load on our two primary ends. I like his odds of producing for the Titans, especially with a more aggressive defense this year.