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SB Bloggers mock draft: Barrett Jones in the second round

Barrett Jones has too much of what the Titans need to leave him on the board here.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

We have been doing the SB Nation bloggers mock draft over at Mocking the Draft, and today my second round pick for the Titans was posted. The best part about this mock is that I got to take two Alabama players, and I didn't really reach to do it. I know there are some people that won't like Barrett Jones at #40, but I am here to tell you that Jones is going to be a really, really good player in the NFL.

Like Dan says in his comments about the pick, Jones walks in as the smartest guy on the line, and he will also be a leader. The Titans cannot add enough guys with leadership qualities this offseason because they didn't have many on the 2012 roster.

The other guy that I strongly considered here is Damontre Moore. He is a guy that was once considered a top-10 pick, and you better believe the Titans would take a good long look at him at 40.

You can see the whole draft here.