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2013 MtD Live Draft - MCM War Room (signups)

It's that time of year again!

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Our sister site, Turf Show Times is hosting the annual 7 round mock draft that Mocking the Draft does but as Dan Kadar has some scheduling issues, he is unable to host it this year. TST graciously stepped up to the plate to volunteer as hosts in his stead. It will be held on Saturday April 20 to Sunday April 21 from 2 pm EDT onward.

You can find more info about it here

As for MCM, there will be a War Room on draft day. robgreenlaw will be in charge as my assistant GM. I have negotiated a transfer of power to him as I'll be on TST for the majority of the process as Commissioner. He's pretty much the de facto GM all things considered. I gave him the power to seek a trade if there is one on my behalf. I promised to Deacon that there will be a 100% vote on the picks and I'll only step in if there is a tie in voting or insane value. In the scenario of crazy value (see Justin Hunter falling to 40), I'll bring it up in the War Room for debate before making a move. I have unfilled positions so I'll be taking volunteers.

The jobs:

War Room adviser

- This job entails being second in command to the assistant GM and generally keeping everyone on point.

Trade Calculator

- Whoever takes this job will work in conjunction with the Assistant GM on any possible trade to make sure it fits the 100 points requirement from TST

Vote Counter

- Pretty self explanatory

Social Media tracker

- If you have a Twitter, this job is for you. Keep track of any and all relevant pieces of information, and if the voted upon pick cannot reach me via the war room or draft thread, just send me a tweet with the name of the pick so I'll see it.

Notes -

I will shut the war room down on the spot, no questions asked if there is any hint of personal attacks, voter impropriety, and other miscreant behaviors.

If you're interested in any of the listed jobs, send me a tweet or email saying so with your MCM username. Thanks

Email -

Twitter - @nolesunited247