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Will the Titans draft Chance Warmack? (The case for it)

Over the course of the last few months Chance Warmack has been the player most often connected to the Titans in mock drafts. What are the odds they draft him?

Kevin C. Cox

Last weekend I wrote about the odds that the Titans will draft Ezekiel Ansah. This week we look at the odds the Titans will draft Chance Warmack. This is just speculation, but my guess is that Warmack is the most likely player for the Titans draft. He is one of the best players in this draft, he fits a need, and there is a pretty good chance he will still be on the board at 10.

The Titans have already made the interior line better. Andy Levitre is a huge upgrade, and they have added a couple of guys that can play multiple positions as depth options, but they still need one more stud in there. Warmack is that guy.

Josh Gunnels of Titan Sized wrote an article this morning explaining the case against drafting Warmack at 10. While I see his point about needing to upgrade the defense, you can't be worried about what is going to happen in the second round when you make your pick in the first. There are just too many variables involved.

I would also make the argument that the Titans have enough ammo to move up from 40 and get another first round pick if there is a defensive player that is high on their board and has fallen more than they thought he would. If ever there was a time the Titans need to do that, it is this year.

In conclusion, Ruston Webster's only concern at 10 should be getting the best player on his board. Warmack, if available, will be that guy.