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Tennessee Titans News Links: Draft Pics

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Ryan Mouton in a nutshell
Ryan Mouton in a nutshell
Otto Greule Jr

The Tennessean has a cool gallery of every Titans' draft pick. Some bring back good memories, and more than a few bring up bad memories.

Paul Kuharsky reacts to Mel Kiper's latest mock draft which has Chance going to the Titans. He says he's on board with the pick. I can't imagine many would be against it.

Brett Kern will hold a Texas Hold 'em fundraiser for his pop's FCA baseball team. It will be on April 13th.

The NFL preseason schedule was released and the Titans get four playoff teams, including the Vikings. This is not the third year in a row that we've played Minnesota in the preseason, if I'm not mistaken. Do they not have a deal or something?

Ruston Webster reacts to the preseason schedule in an interview with Mike Keith. He says it'll be a good gauge of where we are at.

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