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Titans 2013 preseason schedule released

The complete Titans 2013 preseason schedule.

Joe Robbins

The NFL has released the preseason schedule and here is what it looks like for the Titans:

Week 1 (August 8-11): Washington at Tennessee

Week 2 (August 15-19): Tennessee at Cincinnati

Week 3 (August 22-25): Atlanta at Tennessee

Week 4 (August 29-30): Tennessee at Minnesota

A few comments:

None of the Titans 4 games are on national TV- no surprise there

It is a shame that we won't get to see RG3 because he still won't be healed from the injury.

Speaking of things that are a shame, it is a real shame that the game against the Bengals isn't here. I would love to be there for Pacman's return to LP Field.

Week 3 brings us JULIOOOOOOO! Since that is the preseason game where the starters typically play the most, I might actually try to go to that one to see him play.

I doubt we get to see much of Adrian Peterson in the finale.

Here is the full NFL preseason schedule.