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Tennessee Titans News Links: Seriously, We're Done

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Ruston Webster says we're done now in FA and will focus on the draft from here. I cannot wait for the draft, it's gonna be awesome.

John Glennon talks about the same things we've been saying here on MCM. With the latest additions, we are looking to use more 3-4 looks than previously. Gray talks about giving those looks 8-10 times a game. looks at the top DTs in the draft. They compare Sly Williams of UNC to Geno Atkins (look at the video) and he's not even the top guy on their list. How good do they expect Star to be who is several spots higher? Best stat in the article is that Star played 91.2 of Utah's defensive snaps. Incredible.

Will Carson Palmer light up the desert like Kurt Warner did? Not so fast my friends.

Mel Kiper gives his two cents (overpriced) on the Titans' FA acquisitions and what it could mean for their draft strategy. Beware, the article has such brilliant insight as this:

"Andy Levitre comes in at guard," Kiper said, "could you draft another guard? Could you draft a Chance Warmack if he were there and have an Andy Levitre and Warmack? You could."


Finally, does a good piece in their "Game Changers" series on the defensive backs in the draft.

Quote of the Day: "Winners never quit and quitters never win." -Vince Lombardi