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Titan Ten: 10 Thoughts on the Titans and the NFL

Brief thoughts on the Titans and the draft as we head into the slow part of the offseason.

Jared Wickerham

Stealing an idea from our friends at Windy City Gridiron, I thought I'd try out a new type of article today. Throughout the offseason I may occasionally go with 10 quick hit thoughts on all things NFL. Hopefully these articles can give us something to talk about when Titans-related news slows down. This week's will be a little more draft-centric. Feel free to add your points down below.

1) Hard not to like what the Titans did this weekend on the draft. Let's be honest: no one knows how these prospects will turn out but many of them are quite highly thought of already. That can't hurt their chances.

2) Ever since the Titans signed Delanie Walker the big question has been how they will use him. He's a tight end but San Fran used him as an H-back as well. In free agency and the draft Tennessee has made a lot of moves to bolster the run game. Will we see a lot of Walker in the run game?

3) Am I the only guy that doesn't like what the Minnesota Vikings did with their draft? I wasn't really high on Shariff Floyd as a prospect, though I suppose at 23 that's decent value. Xavier Rhodes is another good prospect but I don't think he can really be a great corner. Don't get me started on the bundle they gave up for Cordarrelle Patterson.

4) The Jets traded Darrelle Revis only to pick Dee Milliner at 9. Milliner's a good prospect with a strong chance to be a solid corner, but that's a downgrade no matter what. Was DT a big enough need to draft Sheldon Richardson at 13? They had already invested some high picks on that defensive line. I'm not sure I like Geno Smith's chances of thriving in the Big Apple either.

5) I'm eager to see what sort of offense Chip Kelly rolls out in Philadelphia. Will it be a Patriots-like attack? I think he'll find a way to make it work with Matt Barkley.

6) The Texans and Jags had strong drafts. I can't say I'm a huge fan of the Colts draft, but they shocked us earlier last year. The AFC South could quickly rise back to the tough division it was in the early 2000s.

7) How would you feel if the Titans traded away a large portion of their draft for picks the following year? The Browns only had a 1st and 3rd in the first five rounds, opting to wait for a better class of prospects in 2014. On one hand, I think it makes a lot of sense. The team is going to take a while to rebuild and next year's group of prospects will be stronger. Flip side: how can you tell your fans you're going to compete this year?

8) When you draft a QB in the third, expectations are going to be that eventually you'll get a return on that investment. So where does that leave Josh Freeman in Tampa Bay? He's going into a contract year and rumours have it Schiano isn't a big fan. If you're going to move on from Freeman, why draft a similar player like Mike Glennon? That's a head scratcher.

9) From the same Windy City Gridiron article I used the idea from, the author mentions a source that the Bears might be interested in Tim Tebow. I'm rooting for Marc Trestman to succeed, but you've got Jay Cutler there already. Why risk the media circus?

10) There is obviously a lot of pressure on this Titans team and Dowell Loggains is no exception. This is the most talent we've had on this roster since the glory days at the turn of the century. He needs to get more creative. Will we get some read-option? I sure hope so.