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Noles' Weekly Draft Mailbag: All the Safeties Edition

All your safeties are belong to us!

Frederick Breedon

Welcome to the all your safety are belong to us edition! With the news of FIU's Johnathan Cyprien visiting the Titans a recent topic, it seems like the Titans aren't content to go into 2013 with the current litany of safeties they have on the roster. Maybe it's just due diligence on their part but working out two safeties certainly raises some eyebrows. Could the line of thinking be that they're planning on drafting one in the middle rounds as a developmental prospect just like Markelle Martin? It certainly can be a possibility. In more nationally NFL relevant news, I find it interesting that the President Obama's administration has announced a brain mapping project to help various brain related problems. It could be construed as another shot across the NFL's bow to get even more serious about the concussion issue or else. The federal government's best tactic to spur the NFL (or any American sports league) into action is to threaten their precious antitrust rights. If successful, the project will benefit the league in so many ways that modern medicine (as advanced as it is) cannot right now in regards to concussions and the aftereffects. As always, you can ask me about any topic including the draft (within certain legal boundaries, of course) and I'll try to answer the question to the best of my ability.

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