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NFL Mock Draft 2013: Mocking the first ten picks

Instead of doing the full draft I am gonna start with the first 10. Then I am going to put up 11-22 and 23-32 in two more separate posts. Until those post I will concentrate on the first 10 picks, my predictions, and alternate choices.


instead of just trying to cram all 32 picks of the first round, I am going to spread out my mock in three separate posts. So without further ado lets get started!!!

1st pick. Kansas City Chiefs select-OT Luke Joeckel, Texas A&M.

Now I know I may be just picking what everyone think's will be the first pick in the draft, but lets be honest. Unless the Chiefs can get someone to trade up and pay a king's ransom, they are going to pick the best available. He's big, can move his hips (which is key especially being a blind-side Tackle), fast hands, and can create separation. Draft experts are comparing him to current all-pro and best tackle in the NFL, Joe Thomas of Cleveland. The Chiefs did bring in West Virginia QB Geno Smith, but I get the feeling that was more posturing to get other teams to trade.

other possible picks: Dion Jordan, Eric Fisher, Geno Smith.

2nd pick. The Jacksonville Jaguars select-OT Eric Fisher, Central Michigan.

The Jag's need a lot of help and I seriously debated them picking Geno Smith here, but I think they give current QB Blaine Gabbert one more year to prove himself. They need help on defense and newly hired HC Gus Bradley is a defensive guy, if he says they need to get either Sharrif Flyod or Star Lotulelei then I think they will. I am gonna bet on the smart money though and they take Fisher. It's a real smart move especially if Gabbert doesn't pan out, because they look more like they are next years number 1 pick, and they could have Johnny Football land in their lap.

other possible picks: Sharrif Floyd, Star Lotulelei, Geno Smith.

3rd pick: The Oakland Raiders select-QB Geno Smith, West Virginia University.

Now some people think they could pick a QB in the 2nd, since they are in desperate need of defensive help and just traded for Matt Flynn, but it's the Raiders. I'm not saying Smith isn't a good pick, but not this early and they really need defensive help. Once again it's the Raiders were talking about. I mean i wouldn't be surprised if they took Tavon Austin here because he's so fast. Smith is a good QB and Oakland has solid offensive scheme around him. With McFadden still in the backfield, a couple of burners at the WR position, and a decent O-line to protect him, seems to be a good fit. Still they have more pressing needs, but they go QB here because it's the Raiders...

other picks: Star Lotulelei, Dion Jordan, Sheldon Richardson, Tavon Austin.

4th pick: The Philadelphia Eagles select-DE Dion Jordan, University of Oregon.

With the new HC Chip Kelly arriving with his offensive philosophies and current offensive players in place, I believe he goes defensive here. Which is smart, but the Jordan pick is for all the wrong reasons. I like Jordan a lot and in fact he is arguably the best defensive player in the draft, but Kelly wants his guy, and Jordan is it. There is a strong possibility they could take Jarvis Jones from Georgia, Dee Miliner from Alabama, or even Chance Warmack. I just think they should put more protection around the offensive side of the ball, especially with Michael Vick being beaten to a pulp this past year (and the year before). It's going to be a good fit, but in the long run it could end with the wrong result, considering how much they need to protect the QB.

other picks: Jarvis Jones, Dee Miliner, Chance Warmack.

5th pick: The Detroit Lions select-CB DeMarcus Milliner, University of Alabama.

Talk about a perfect fit, Milliner would immediately start on day one and could be a Patrick Peterson type corner (and he's bigger than Peterson). A good CB could help a D-line shine, and Detroit still has a good D-line for the most part (Suh and Fairley). They could go D-line here as well, losing Avril and KVB being released isn't the best thing to happen to you line, but a good CB can help an understaffed D-line. The only other choice here could be another WR, which is hysterical considering all the WR's picked during the Millen reign of terror. Milliner in my opinion is a slam dunk pick.

other picks: Tavon Austin, Cordell Patterson, Ezekiel Ansah, Bjoern Warner.

6th pick: The Cleveland Browns select-DE Ezekiel Ansah, Brigham Young University.

I seriously debated putting Tavon Austin here, because they haven't had a number one WR their since the Browns came back to Cleveland. Josh Gordon could be that guy for them, but he didn't make a big impact last year (considering he had to sit out his last year of college eligibility). I also debated Jarvis Jones here and even Bjoern Warner, but Ansah makes a lot of sense. They got Krugman in FA and they drafted man-beast Phil Taylor two drafts ago, throw Ansah in there and you got yourself quite the defensive line. If Dee Milliner wasn't picked right before, Milliner would've been a Brown. Cleveland faithful don't be upset though, Ansah is a beast.

other picks: Bjoern Warner, Xavier Rhodes, Jarvis Jones.

7th pick: The Arizona Cardinals select-OT Lane Johnson, University of Oklahoma.

I almost put Chance Warmack here, and I know a lot of the fellow Titan faithful on here would hate me for it, but I didn't. They still have Levi Brown, but they been having massive protection problems on the offensive line. With Fisher and Joeckel both being gone, Johnson is a good pick here. Jarvis Jones or Star Lotulelei could both be a good fit in the desert, but with new coach Bruce Arians makes me wanna assume they beef up the O-line. With veteran Carson Palmer playing in Arizona, Arians is going to wanna protect him until they get another QB.

other picks: Chance Warmack, Jarvis Jones, Star Lotulelei.

8th pick: The Buffalo Bills select-OLB Jarvis Jones, University of Georgia.

There has been a lot of news about ex-Syracuse QB Ryan Nassib joining his college coach Doug Marrone, but I don't think he will be taken this early. In fact he might still be there in the 2nd round for Buffalo. Chance Warmack will get a long look here with the departure of Andy Levitre. Star Loulelei also will be looked at considering he is easily the best player available right here, but they are not in need of D-line. Jones could be a questionable pickup here, especially with people calling out his work ethic, but he is the best 4-3 linebacker available. Mingo from LSU could also be another player the Bills choose here, but I'm gonna go with Jones. Bills fans don't worry you will get a QB in the second, and it might be Nassib, just you don't want to reach this early.

other picks: Chance Warmack, Star Lotulelei, Barkevious Mingo, Ryan Nassib

9th pick: The New York Jets select-DT Star Lotulelei, Utah

I'm gonna say it, the Jets need EVERYTHING!!! So lets start with a slam dunk of a pick, in Star Lotulelei. Yes he didn't participate in the combine due to a heart condition, but reports recently came out saying that everything is okay. Now some people would argue that's a red flag regardless of the good news, but if everything checked out, the Jets could be extremely fortunate to have a difference maker like Star. The Jets need more than just Star though; they need a wide receiver, tight end, linebacker, safety and most importantly a QB (Mark Sanchez is quite awful, and don't even get me started on Tebow). If they start with Lotulelei, they are getting on the right track.

other picks: Sharrif Flyod, Tavon Austin, Kenny Vaccaro, Barkevious Mingo,

10th pick: The Tennessee Titans select-OG Chance Warmack, University of Alabama.

Now finally with the pick we've all been waiting on, which is a no brainer, Mr. Warmack. Why Warmack over Cooper? Well he's played premier competition and he's what you want in a guard; big, mean, strong, mauler and smart. Now if he isn't available I do expect they would pick Cooper here, but they could seriously debate taking D-line, Kenny Vaccaro, or Xavier Rhodes. Funny thing is, the only player I don't want is Kenny Vaccaro. I wouldn't mind the Rhodes pick or any of the D-lineman left (I really like Mingo). With all the FA moves made, and the O-lineman added, Chance is still the best option here. The O-line, specifically the interior, would be set for the next five years.

other picks: Xavier Rhodes, Johnathan Cooper, Kenny Vaccaro, Barkevious Mingo.

i'll be done with picks 11-22 in the next day or two, and the 23-32 this weekend. Until then feel free to add in your own comments and what you would do differently.

Till next time stay classy...