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Tennessee Titans News Links: Kam's Take

Your daily serving of Titans' linkage!

Joe Nicholson-US PRESSWIRE

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Kam Wimbley talked to NFL Network about the state of the Titans. He covers Jake Locker, Shonn Greene, Gregg Williams, and a variety of other things.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Paul Kuharsky looks at the Titans needs and reassesses them based on FA. He ranks cornerback as one of the top priorities. I can't say I disagree, getting a guy to start outside and be able to slide Verner back in would be huge, and if you can't get that, depth is huge.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 has an unusual do over draft where the draft seems like it would happen nowadays. It has the Titans picking Unger, the C from Seattle so we could move Velasco over to guard and have a line of Roos, Levitre, Unger, Velasco, Stewart. Would be pretty good, but will be better with Cooper/Warmack.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Charles Davis came out with his latest mock draft. He has the Titans selecting Jonathan Cooper after Chance Warmack was just selected two picks prior.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 also has a "Game Changers" video (Prospect profile) on Jordan Rogers.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Glennon talks about how the addition of Walter may shake up the WR depth chart in terms of cuts, and its not Nate Washington who should get the short end of the stick. Mariani and Hawkins will probably be the first to go.

Quote of the Day: "I'm an early bird and a night owl, so I am wise and I have worms." -Michael Scott