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Tennessee Titans Workout Three Familiar Free Agent Veterans

Looks like Webster and co. aren’t anywhere near done just because the draft wrapped up.


Fresh off of what many analyst are grading as the best value drafts we've had in years, the Titans got right back to work by hosting three well known veteran free agents: ex-Bears DE Israel Idonije and two former Texans, RT Eric Winston and DB Jason Allen.

Idonije is a highly productive veteran who the Titans have been flirting with all offseason. Despite adding depth in the draft and free agency, Idonije would be a clear upgrade to spell Wimbley and Morgan.

Jason Allen has had an up and down career with the Dolphins, Texans and Bengals, but there's a real dearth of veteran options at CB behind Verner and McCourty. For the right price, Allen could put the cap on a secondary that's been massively overhauled around starters McCourty, Verner and Griffin.

As for Eric Winston, acquiring him would likely signal the end of Mike Otto's run as our primary back-up tackle. It's a move that would make some sense considering that Stewart ended last season on the IR (though I expect he'll be back at 100% well before camp opens) and all of our acquisitions at Guard and Center haven't been matched by bolstering the depth at Tackle.

Still, I'd hesitate to look at any of these guys as automatic Titans. We're bumping up against the cap as it is. The Titans can free up some room by cutting Amano and perhaps Washington, but I'd like to see some of that room go to locking up ATV before the season starts. Plus, teams always bring in veterans to update their emergency list as the season gets closer.

My bet is that the Titans see three guys left on the market who won't be when the season starts. It could be easily argued that neither of the three should be free agents at this point.

I'd be excited about adding any of the three, but I'm certainly not banking on it just yet.