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2013 NFL Draft grades: A criticism of the Titans

Most people love what the Titans did in the draft. Evan Silva does not.


If you have read this site for very long, you know that Evan Silva is one of my favorite football writers out there. He watches a lot of film, and if you are looking for fantasy football information, there is nobody better. However, he has missed the boat on his draft grade of the Titans.

I don't have a problem with him giving the Titans a C- because those grades don't mean a hill of beans. Where he misses is on his evaluation of Chance Warmack:

Warmack adds needed power to the Titans' line, but was a largely ineffective second-level blocker at Alabama due to limited movement skills. He's a phone-booth player entering a zone scheme.

Two Hall of Fame offensive line coaches loved him for the team. I have a feeling they can find a way to make it work.

SB Nation's own Dan Kadar loves the pick of Warmack, rightfully so, and likes the Brian Schwenke pick.

The Titans were able to finish off their offensive line by taking the athletic Schwenke in the fourth round. He'll fit nicely between Warmack and Andy Levitre because he can get out and block on the move.

My guess is that Schwenke isn't a starter until 2014, but the interior of this offensive line is set for years to come.

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