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2013 NFL Draft grades: Titans still getting high marks

A look at what some people around the web are saying about the Titans class so far.


There have been years where I have hated the Titans draft, but this year is not one of them. The Titans have identified guys that they want to play roles in their system and have gotten those guys. It started with Chance Warmack in the first round and continued when they moved up to get Justin Hunter.

Dan Kadar of SB Nation also likes what the Titans have done so far:

The Titans are another team in the AFC South putting together a stellar class. Warmack is the best guard in the draft this year, despite what Jonathan Cooper's draft placement leads you to believe. Hunter is a big-impact wide out who could develop into a No. 1. The same can be said for Wreh-Wilson as a corner. Gooden, paired with Zach Brown, gives Tennessee maybe the fastest duo of linebackers in the NFL.

Rob Rang of CBS is not quite as high on the Titans class, but he still gave them a solid B:

No one found better pure athletes on the second day of the draft than the Titans, who with wide receiver Justin Hunter, cornerback Blidi Wreh-Wilson and outside linebacker Zaviar Gooden, might have 3/4 of an Olympic track team. The only concern is that each has shown thus far to be better athletes than football players.

People said the same thing about Zach Brown last season, and he ended up having a nice year. I trust the Ruston Webster can identify an athlete that can play football- unlike Jeff Fisher.