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2013 NFL Draft: When will Marcus Lattimore go?

Lattimore, if healthy, would have easily been the best player in this draft. His knee will heal eventually. When will a team take a chance on him?

JD Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

It is impossible not to root for Marcus Lattimore. That kid has been through so much in the last few year, and he just keeps battling back, and oh yeah, he is a heck of a running back. You all know how much I love Eddie Lacy, but Lattimore is head and shoulders above Lacy as a prospect when healthy.

It is also impossible to forget the gruesome knee injury Lattimore suffered last season against Tennessee. Watching that live, I wasn't sure that Lattimore would ever be able to run again. A person's leg just isn't supposed to do that.

Well it turned out that while Lattimore shredded the ligaments in his knee, he didn't damage the nerve- meaning he didn't hurt anything that won't eventually heal.

Odds are that Lattimore won't be able to contribute much to a team in 2013, but he still has tremendous upside. Rounds 4 through 7 are where you start to look at some of those players.

Does he make sense for the Titans? Probably not at this point because they still have so many holes to fill on defense, but he would make a nice replacement if they did decide to let Chris Johnson walk after the 2013 season.

The bottom line here is that some team is going to end up getting a heck of a running back on the cheap, and I will be rooting for him wherever he goes (unless it is the Ravens or Texans).