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2013 NFL Draft best players available: Titans should target Okafor and Rambo

The Titans could really solidify their defense with two players still left on the board.

Mike Zarrilli

Here are the picks the Titans have remaining in this draft:

Round 4 (107)
Round 5 (142)
Round 6 (202)
Round 7 (216) Traded in the Justin Hunter deal
Round 7 (248)

According to Josh Norris, Baccari Rambo and Alex Okafor are two of the best four players that are still available in this draft. If I were Ruston Webster, I would figure out a way to get both of those players on this team and call it a day.

The fact that the Titans drafted Zaviar Gooden in the third round tells me that they are going to be using Akeem Ayers as a pass rusher A LOT next season. That might be why they haven't drafted an end yet, but Okafor just gives them so much value at this point in the draft. He won't be there much past 107.

Rambo is a center fielder that could take over for Michael Griffin after 2013. Webster might not even be thinking about replacing Griffin, but he should be. Rambo is a good guy to get in the fold.