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NFL Draft results: Titans trade with 49ers to select Justin Hunter

The Titans continue to be aggressive in the offseason.

Scott Cunningham

The Titans pulled off a bit of a surprise move tonight when they moved up to select Justin Hunter. The Titans got the 34th overall pick and gave up the 40th pick, the 216th pick in the 7th round and next year's 3rd round pick. Three picks for one is a big price, but the Titans are obviously serious about getting their guys this year.

Noles will have more on the pick coming up shortly, but let me just say that I love the fact that they have finally added some Kenny Britt insurance. This team has much bigger needs than wide receiver, but they desperately need a #1 receiver. Britt has the ability to be that, but he hasn't done it consistently yet.

Even if Britt steps up this year and becomes that guy, there is no shot he is with this team in 2014. They now have a guy that can replace him and take the top off of a defense.