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2013 NFL Draft Results: Titans select: Justin Hunter

Local kid stays home!

Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

In a shocking move, the Titans traded up to the 34th pick overall to nab one of the best receivers in the 2013 draft class in Hunter. The best part is that they didn't sacrifice any picks of any worth this year.

Hunter is a big body outside receiver that the Titans need at 6'4 196. While many experts were drooling over Cordarrelle Patterson's potential, Hunter was the best Volunteers wide receiver in truth. He does have injury concerns and some drop issues but that's nothing practice time with the Jugs machine can't fix. It seems like Hunter has gotten over the knee injury that plagued him in 2012 and is ready to go. He stood out at the Combine as well. Hunter's stock has risen to the point that some teams were speculated to have targeted him in the late first round.

One can speculate what this means for the immediate future of Nate Washington and/or Kenny Britt after next year. I've always maintained that if the Titans go with a receiver early, Washington's future with this team would come under instant scrutiny. The move up to get Hunter is a bold and daring move from Ruston Webster. Jake Locker is being set up to succeed now with these last two picks. He can't blame anyone but himself if he fails to reach his potential now.

Here are some Justin Hunter highlights to whet your appetite.

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