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NFL Draft grades 2013: Titans get good marks for Chance Warmack

Since it is never too early to grade an NFL draft (ha!), here are some grades for the Titans pick of Chance Warmack.


There is no reason to give the Titans anything other than an A for the selection of Chance Warmack last night. Most people did give the Titans a good grade, but Pete Prisco (Titan hater) gave them a C-. His comment:

I don't like this pick. He's a good player, but they had so many other needs. He will be good for Chris Johnson, but worth this spot?

The "they have so many other needs" comment is just stupid. They didn't have any needs bigger than right guard, and they could only draft one player with the pick- so they were going to have "so many other needs" regardless of how they picked.

Dan Kadar of SB Nation gave the Titans a B+:

The only real quibble with this pick is that the Titans signed guard Andy Levitre in free agency. The Titans needed to improve the interior of their offensive line, so these moves accomplish it. But they'll now have a lot of money tied into the position. Warmack is a good power blocker, so he's a natural for the right side.

Chris Burke of SI gave the Titans an A:

Warmack sat No. 2 on the Audibles Big Board for months, just behind Luke Joeckel. Of all the players in this draft, he might be the most capable of dominating at his position for the next decade.

Gotta love that!

I would say that you here at MCM give Warmack an A++ considering that the results of the approval poll for the pickwere 485-6 in favor of "approve."