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2013 NFL mock draft Todd McShay

A look at McShay's final mock.

Kevin C. Cox

Todd McShay has put out his final mock draft before the draft kicks off tonight (In$ider), and he is sticking with Dee Milliner to the Titans. Again, I might be wrong, but I think Milliner is off the board way before the Titans are on the clock. I hope he is on the clock though because he would give the Titans some trade options that might not otherwise be there (more on that in a later post).

It really wish I could be inside of that draft room tonight. I have heard that the Titans front office has been doing some of their own mock drafts to simulate how they think things will play out tonight. It would be really interesting to see if they are any closer to projecting than all the guys we have been following online for a month.

Only 9 1/2 more hours to go. Unfortunately, time is going to creep today.