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2013 NFL draft trade: Could the Dolphins try to move up to Titans spot?

There will be a lot of moves in the first round of the draft tonight. Could the Titans be involved in one?

Kevin C. Cox

There are a million different trade rumors swirling around out there, and most of them make no sense at all. However, there is a pretty realistic scenario that could present itself tonight for the Titans. The Miami Dolphins are looking for help at corner, and it would not cost them that much to move up from 12 to 10 and snag Dee Milliner if he is still on the board.

According to the Jimmy Johnson draft value chart, the Titans #10 overall pick is worth 1300 points while the Dolphins #12 pick is worth 1200 points. A difference of 100 points for those of you scoring at home.

The Dolphins hold the 82nd overall pick, which is worth 180 points on the chart. The Titans could play hardball and ask for #12 and #82, or they could send back #107 pick overall which is worth 80 points (again, according to the chart). That would, at least in theory, make the trade 100% even.

Speculating here, but the Titans would want Sharrif Floyd, Dee Milliner and Chance Warmack to all be on the board at #10 in order to make this deal. That would give them a good chance at landing either Warmack or Floyd- who are both rumored to be at the top of their board.