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2013 NFL Draft first round and MCM schedule

Here is the schedule of events for the first round of the draft tonight.

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

The 2013 NFL draft is finally here. I feel like I have looked at more mock drafts this year than ever before. I think that is just because of the uncertainty at the top of this draft. There are so many different ways the top 10 could play out.

The NFL draft kicks off tonight at 7 PM central time. You can of course watch the draft on ESPN or NFL Network. I will be watching it on EAPN because I don't have the NFL Network.

You can, of course, follow along on Twitter, but all of the guys that work for those two networks have agreed to not tip the picks before they are announced on TV. There are guys, however, like Jason LaCanfora, who have made no such promise- if you are in to that type of thing.

You already know that we will have wall to wall coverage of the first round of the draft with in-depth analysis of the Titans first round pick. I will post an open thread tonight when the draft starts, and new threads will be added when needed.