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2013 NFL Draft: Webster says Titans aren't set anywhere

Chance Warmack is the MCM consensus first round pick (cooper crowd hasn't been here as much) and for good reason, he's a mauler who can come in and immediately start. But like Ruston Webster says, the team isn't set in any position, so I'd put guard lower on our list of needs.

Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

Ruh-Roh, he speaks blasphamy! Indeed, I realize the counter arguments. Why not be set at guard for years? Mackdaddy(Is this a thing? I need this to become a thing) is the best player available.

Well the thing is, Warmack may be the best player available at our pick, but what the team is looking for is someone to come in and immediately make an impact. Lets assume Warmack comes in and we have a fairly decent year running the football. Now what was his value? He was a link in a strong chain of men that make up the Offensive line. Good. But if the team can get close to that same production from a player in the 3rd+ round, why take a chance?

Would Chance Warmack come in and have a bigger impact than say a Barkevious Mingo in our defensive rotation? First off, the jersey sales for Mingo would far outsell Warmacks. Never seen a Roos jersey be worn, although i have seen an Amano jersey, what a disgusting world this is. On top of that, you toss in a solid rookie year with maybe 8 sacks and 1 interception because you know those are required, is his impact better?

I say yes, the reason these raw players like the Pattersons, Mingos and Rustys are taken is because they give you something other players don't have. You would be hard pressed to find a guy with Mingo's athletic ability and production late in the draft. Taking a Derrick Morgan in the first is necessary because he gives you something you won't find later in say a Dave Ball.

Take corner. If the team takes Xavier Rhodes( don't judge me) in the first and he immediately comes in and has a solid season. He gives you better value since solid corners just aren't plentiful and you may not be able to get that play from a later pick.

I think my point is starting to become clear. It's the age old mantra of "don't draft lineman in the first" , best player available may be Warmack or Cooper but when 10 comes i would prefer the team to take a risk on a skill player because the pickings are slim and after a 6-10 season, risk is necessary. Take a chance and pass on Warmack.(These puns doing anythin for ya?)