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2013 NFL draft predictions

The draft is just over 24 hours away. Here are some things that I expect to happen in tomorrow night's first round.


As we have talked about a million times before, there is so much bad information floating around out there that it is hard to disseminate what is true and what is false. Here are some things that I think will happen in the first round:

  • There will be three offensive tackles taken before the Titans are on the clock.
  • There will be double digit trades in the first round. That might sounds crazy, but I am pretty sure there were 19 trades in the first round last year.
  • Both Chance Warmack and Jonathan Cooper will still be on the board when the Titans pick 10th.
  • There will be no running backs taken in the first round.
  • Ryan Nassib will be the second quarterback taken, and he will go in the top 10 because the Bills and Jets are both afraid the other team is going to take him.

This is going to be a really fun draft!