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2013 NFL mock draft Mel Kiper

The hair also has a new pick for the Titans.

Russ Isabella-US PRESSWIRE

Mel Kiper also released a mock last week (In$ider) and he had the Titans taking Star Lotulelei, DT, Utah. Now Kiper doesn't know anymore about the Titans draft plans than any of you reading this, but I am starting to get the impression that the pick will be a defensive tackle if Chance Warmack is not on the board, and honestly, I am not sure it won't be a defensive tackle if Warmack is on the board. Jommy would not be on board with that decision.

Lotulelei was once considered one of the best players in this draft, but his stock took a plummet after a bad heart test at the combine. It has since been proven that Star does not have a heart defect, but for whatever reason his stock has not fully recovered. The Titans would be getting a really good player if he ends up being the choice.

However, it might take me a while to learn how to spell his name without looking it up.