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Todd McShay 2013 NFL mock draft

Last week's Todd McShay mock has a new pick for the Titans.

Kevin C. Cox

Todd McShay hit another mock draft last week (In$ider) that I missed, and he had the Titans taking Dee Milliner. There has been a lot made of all of the surgeries Milliner had in college over the last few days, but I think that is much ado about nothing. Milliner would have gotten about 8,000 MRIs while he was at the combine, so there is no way that teams didn't already know about the injuries he had in college.

Greenlaw asked me a couple of weeks ago on Twitter how Milliner compares to some of the corners that have come out in the last couple of years. I would put him between Morris Claiborne and Dre Kirkpatrick. Milliner is really good in coverage, although he couldn't catch a cold in winter in Siberia (or however that saying goes).

Speaking of sayings, the old saying is that you can never have enough corners. While the Titans are set with their two starting corners, they are still looking for that third guy that can help them when they are in nickel. Milliner could be that guy- although I do not endorse him being taken over Chance Warmack.