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2013 NFL Draft: Can the Minnesota Vikings and Tennessee Titans Trade Picks?

Minnesota is looking for impact receivers for Christian Ponder. Can the Titans find a deal that works for them?


Last week it was reported that the Minnesota Vikings may want to move up in the draft in hopes of landing a WR or CB. From a Titans perspective I thought it would be interesting to pursue the option a little further so I went straight to the handy dandy NFL Draft Value Chart. In my opinion the Draft Value Chart is so antiquated that it shouldn't be the primary evaluation tool for trades, but nonetheless teams still (apparently) use it in fear their move will be perceived as a rip-off.

The Titans' 10th overall pick is worth 1,300 points, so Webster would want roughly the same value in return. The math on this deal is simple. The Vikings hold two first round picks, 23rd and 25th, with the former worth 780 points. If you were to combine the 23rd pick and their 52nd pick, that would total 1,160 points - close enough that it could be deemed okay by the Titans front office. A late round pick could be added to make it even closer if they're really

With the tenth pick there is a good chance that all the first round wide receivers are still available, giving Minnesota their choice for Percy Harvin's replacement. Tavon Austin has been linked to a few teams (Jets, Dolphins) in the top 15 and if the Vikings truly desire the diminutive receiver from West Virginia they'll have to leapfrog them. Cordarelle Patterson is the other name Ian Rapoport mentioned if the Vikings want to pair Greg Jennings with a big and fast receiver.

I have no idea if the Vikings really do want to trade up or if the Titans are even interested in trading down. Trading down isn't a smart move if they want to fill their vacant RG spot with an auto-starter or land one of the top defensive ends. If their top targets are off the board though they would be smart to consider it. Pretend for a moment that Warmack goes within the first nine picks. The Titans could move down to 23 and select a defensive end, nab a guard at 40 and have the 52nd pick to target a receiver or safety.

It's a balancing act between quality and quantity. In most scenarios I'm in favour of trading down, but this draft doesn't have a large group of first round-worthy players I'm interested in. The 10th selection would likely have a huge impact on the season; that impact might not be there with the 23rd player in this weak draft. There are a lot of variables at play here, many of which I haven't had the time to look into thoroughly yet (like how serious the Vikes are) but this is definitely something to keep in mind. The Titans sit in prime territory to auction the pick for anyone interested in a wide receiver.