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D.J. Fluker NFL Draft rumors and Twitter hackers

This is going to be a fun few days as we finally get to draft day. D.J. Fluker set the Twitter world in a tizzy last night with a tweet that was later deleted. Was he hacked?

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

We are FINALLY almost to the NFL draft. Over the next couple of days there is going to be a ridiculous amount of noise out there about prospects and what teams are planning to do. It started yesterday with a report that the Titans could target D.J. Fluker and put plug him at guard if Chance Warmack and Jonathan Cooper are off the board.

First off, I think there is about a 2% chance that both guards are off the board. There hasn't been a guard selected in the top 10 in a hundred years*, so I really don't think that two will go in the top 9 this year.

The idea of Fluker there is intriguing because he could play guard for now and could slide out to right tackle whenever Big Country decides to hang it up.

Speaking of Fluker, he created some noise on Twitter last night with this tweet which has since been deleted. Of course he is going with the "account was hacked" excuse this morning. If you believe that, King George has a message for you:

Fair and balance coverage here at MCM.

*not the actual number