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Greg Cosell 2013 NFL mock draft

Cosell, one of the best in the business, mocks Warmack to the Titans.


Greg Cosell is one of the best in the business at breaking down film. If you have ever heard him on the radio or on the Shutdown Corner podcast, you already know how good he is. I just wish he would write more.

Anyway, he is doing a mock draft over at Shutdown Corner, and he as the Titans taking friend of the site Chance Warmack:

The next best offensive guard on the board is Alabama's Chance Warmack. The Titans are trying to manage and manipulate an erratic Jake Locker with a consistent and sustaining running game. That’s why they signed Shonn Greene to complement Chris Johnson, and underrated OG Andy Levitre. Warmack is an outstanding prospect, with excellent core strength and a powerful lower body. Overall, he showed a very desirable combination of size, strength and athleticism. What really stood out for a man with his squatty build was his movement in space, his ability to strike a moving target with balance and body control. In addition, he had unyielding anchor strength in pass protection. Warmack and Cooper: two of the best OG prospects we have seen in recent years.

While Cosell and I obviously disagree on who the best guard in the league is, it doesn't matter because Warmack ended up where he belongs- with the Titans.