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TST Live Draft: Recap

After a long weekend, it's time for a recap!


I'd like to thank Turf Show Times for being gracious and excellent hosts this year. They did a tremendous job all around. Kudos to Douglas M for marshaling everything together and acting as overall operations commander. I'd also like to thank all the teams that showed up on time. Also, GARRETT GILBERT!!

As for MCM, I want to thank everyone who followed along during the weekend of fun. It was an endeavor that I couldn't have done alone. Special shout out to robgreenlaw, who put up with my antics. As promised, I kept my word and allowed a vote on every pick. Anyways, here are the picks!

The trades:

Trade 1: The Falcons trade LB Stephen Nicholas and their 5th round pick (163) for LB Colin McCarthy and the Titans' 7th round pick (210)

Trade 2: The Cardinals trade their first round pick (16), second round pick (38), and a 2014 sixth round pick for the Titans' first (10), third (70), and the newly acquired fifth from the Falcons

Trade 3: The Vikings trade their second (53), fourth (120), and WR Jarius Wright for the Titans' second (40), fourth (107), and WR Nate Washington

Trade 4: The Seahawks trade CB Brandon Browner for the Titans' second (38) and 2014 sixth rounder acquired in the Cardinals trade

Trade 5: The Rams trade their fifth (140) and sixth (184) for the Titans fourth (120)

Titans picks:

1.16 - Jarvis Jones OLB Georgia

- Jones would bring a great pass rushing presence and solidify the Titans LB corps into one of the best in the league. He could team up with Akeem Ayers and become a similar version of the Steelers' James Harrison and LaMarr Woodley duo. This move would also allow Zach Brown to roam around and make splash plays like he did in college.

2.52 - Margus Hunt DE SMU

- The Hunt pick would add much needed depth behind Derrick Morgan and Kam Wimbley. Hunt is an athletic freak that can wreak havoc on special teams as well.

3.97 - Brian Winters OL Kent State

- Winters could battle it out with recent signings Rob Turner and Chris Spencer for the guard spot opposite Andy Levitre. If he can't win it this year, he can sit and learn the pro game to take over next year. It's a good, solid pick that will probably pay off down the road.

5.140 - Kenjon Barner RB Oregon

- Barner was selected because of the need to replace Jamie Harper's gross incompetence and Darius Reynaud's questionable judgement on special teams. He's a good change of pace back with awe inspiring speed. If not for LaMichael James, Barner might be the one with all the Ducks records instead.

5.142 - Khalid Wooten CB Nevada

- The Titans need corner depth even after the acquisition of Brandon Browner from the Seahawks. Wooten can replace Tommie Campbell on the roster as the fourth corner and can return kicks as well. He's certainly an upgrade to the back end of the corner depth chart.

6.184 - Jordan Mills OT Louisiana Tech

- More OL depth and could possibly be either Michael Roos or David Stewart's heir apparent when the time comes. To get Mills in the sixth round is a major steal when he's been graded to be third rounder. FOTUD and I were beyond shocked to see him available.

6.202 - Omoregie Uzzi OG Georgia Tech

- More OL depth as it is currently thin behind the starters. Uzzi is an underrated guard prospect that got a lot of time honing his run blocking skills in GT's option heavy system. He's a perfect developmental prospect this late.

7.248 - TJ Moe WR Missouri

- Moe had a poor Combine but it doesn't mean he can't contribute as a solid third or fourth receiver on some team. He's certainly better than LaVelle Hawkins.


Lonnie Pryor FB FSU
Carson York OL Oregon
Wes Horton DE USC
Johnny Adams CB Michigan State

- Pryor is the ultimate utility back as he willingly moved to fullback as a freshman to make room for FSU's more talented halfbacks. He's had some great moments in a Seminole jersey, the capper being the 2013 Orange Bowl where he was named MVP. York continues to add to the OL depth and he had a standout Oregon career before getting hurt last year late. Horton adds to the DE depth and fits the current Titans philosophy of big body ends. Adams could be a sleeper in the class but his injury history limits him.

players acquired: LB Stephen Nicholas, WR Jarius Wright, CB Brandon Browner

players lost: LB Colin McCarthy and WR Nate Washington

Overall Grade: A

The draft class along with the player acquisitions gives the grade an A. The team upgraded its depth at key positions and filled some lesser needs along the way after a very hectic free agency that filled a lot of needs. Losing McCarthy and Washington was painful but it had to be done in order to get the class that we did. The Titans finished strong with great late round picks. There's a rumor that the 2014 picks that were traded will be enforced in next year's draft so it's quite remarkable the Titans only gave up a 2014 6th in all those trades. So robgreenlaw and Noles for real life Titans front office jobs, yeah?