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Who should the Titans draft: 4x4 edition

The Titans have four picks in the first three rounds. Here are four players at each pick that would make the Titans better immediately.

Steve Dykes

I have personally put up a lot of posts on MCM about which guard the Titans may or may not take in round one, but I haven't spent a lot of time outside of the number 10 pick. This piece should make up for some of that neglect and without delay here are my 4x4 prospects.

Round 1: Chance Warmack G, Dion Jordan DE/OLB, Jonathan Cooper G/C, Barkevious Mingo DE

Assuming that the draft has three OTs, a QB, a DT, and a CB all going in the top nine picks, one of these players has to be available. Warmack and Cooper are self-explanatory and Jordan and Mingo have all the tools to be dominant pass rushers.

Of the two, Jordan is the my clear favorite. The former Duck has an elite frame, top end athleticism, and puts it all together so well. If there is anyone in this draft who I think has Von Miller potential, it is Jordan.

Round 2: Larry Warford RG, Margus Hunt DE/DT, Alex Okafor DE, Matt Elam S

Warford is only here as a backup plan if the Titans don't go OG in round one. He is a stout lineman who is nearly impossible to escape from if he gets his hands on a defender.

I have an entire piece dedicated to my love for the potential that Margus Hunt has and I encourage you to check it out.

Okafor is Derrick Morgan-lite and he would be an excellent backup/rotational DE behind Morgan on the left side of the defense. Finally, Elam is a rangy safety who is a fringe first round pick. If the Titans can find a way to move to a Martin/Elam defense in 2014 and cut ties with Michael Griffin (despite his contract) then the team would be much better off.

Round 3: Da'rick Rogers WR, Jordan Poyer CB, Brandon Jenkins DE, Markus Wheaton WR

By this point it could be time to look to the future for the Titans. Verner and Britt both have expiring contracts this year, and I think we let one of them (Britt) walk. If that is the case then the Titans need to solidify depth behind them. Rogers is a legitimate number 1/2 target in the right offense, and if he has truly cleaned up his act then the best way he could apologize to the state of Tennessee is by having a standout career with the Titans.

Wheaton is a one-trick pony, but its a heck of a trick (I know this line has probably been used 1000 times, but it is just so appropriate). Wheaton draws comparisons to Mike Wallace for good reason, he stretches the field and makes it impossible for anyone (that isn't a top-3 CB) to cover him without safety help. Locker may not be a lot of things, but he is definitely strong and could use a consistent deep target.

Brandon Jenkins is a simple player, he likes to pin his ears back and get to the passer. Had it not been for the Jenkins injury, Tank Carradine would be a mid-round pick this year, that's how good Jenkins was.

Poyer is a "sleeper" cornerback but not in the traditional sense. It is hard to have sleeper picks in the Twitter era and Poyer has had his fair share of support on social media, so if teams pass on him in the first two rounds it is because they capitalized on the depth at WR, DT, and DE, and the Titans would get a great value at the top of round three.

Round 3 (comp): Tyrann Mathieu SCB, Kiko Alonso LB, Shamarko Thomas S, D.J. Swearinger S

All risky defensive picks here. In college all of these players were athletic playmakers that either have character concerns or will likely be limited to a niche in the NFL. Having said that, adding a top SCB, a rangy and enthusiastic back LB, or a thumping safety is definitely not the worst way to spend a third round pick. Looking at you Jacksonville.