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TST Live Draft: Official MCM War Room

It's that time again!

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the official MCM War Room! As you know, Turf Show Times, is hosting the annual seven round live draft that Mocking the Draft does. They graciously agreed to host as Dan Kadar wasn't able to host it this year due to a scheduling conflict. It's been a whirlwind lead up to the draft especially with all the trades! I'd like to thank each and everyone of you for participating in such a big endeavor. I'd also like to thank my assistant GM/the real GM robgreenlaw for being my sounding board on all of the trades.

General TST rules:

Schedule: Each day will begin with an opening trading session lasting from Noon until 1:50 PM EDT with a 2 pm start

Saturday: Rounds 1-3

Sunday: Rounds 3-7

Round 1: 5 minutes

Round 2-7: 3 minutes

MCM Rules:

1. While I hold the GM title, it's only a figurehead title as I'll be primarily concentrating on helping TST run the draft. Robgreenlaw is the ruling authority in the war room and his word is final in any situation.

2. There will be a vote on every pick that the Titans have as agreed to by robgreenlaw, deaconbrodie (who unfortunately stepped down as assistant GM because of scheduling conflicts), Douglas M (overall Commissioner), and myself.

3. With the votes, everyone's vote only counts as one. I ask of you to vote for yourself, instead of being influenced by others. If there is any hint of undue voter impropriety, robgreenlaw will shut down the Room at my behest and we'll handle the draft ourselves.

4. Shortly before the Titans pick, either rob or I will present a list of 5 or 6 candidates to vote on.

5. Enjoy it!

The trades

Trade 1: The Falcons trade LB Stephen Nicholas and their 5th round pick (163) for LB Colin McCarthy and the Titans' 7th round pick (210)

Trade 2: The Cardinals trade their first round pick (16), second round pick (38), and a 2014 sixth round pick for the Titans' first (10), third (70), and the newly acquired fifth from the Falcons

Trade 3: The Vikings trade their second (53), fourth (120), and WR Jarius Wright for the Titans' second (40), fourth (107), and WR Nate Washington

Trade 4: The Seahawks trade CB Brandon Browner for the Titans' second (38) and 2014 sixth rounder acquired in the Cardinals trade

The current Titans picks + players:

1.16, 2.52, 3.97 (C), 4.120, 5.142, 6.202(C), 7.248 (C) and LB Stephen Nicholas, WR Jarius Wright, CB Brandon Browner

You can find a big board here