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Does the Kevin Walter signing clear the way for Nate Washington's release?

Some people, including a contributor of this very blog, are saying that the Titans can let Nate Washington go because they have signed Kevin Walter. That, in a word, is insanity.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Let's play a little game of would you rather. I am going to give you stat sheets on two receivers, and I want you to tell me which receiver you would rather have:

Receiver A:


Receiver B:


So, which one do you want? Before you give your final answer, I should also tell you that receiver B is two years younger than receiver A. I should also tell you that receiver A has played opposite one of the best receivers in the game for those four years while receiver B has not had that luxury.

My choice is receiver B, and it really isn't even close.

Well if you can read the title, you have already figured out that we are comparing the numbers of Kevin Walter and Nate Washington. You probably also figured out that A is Walter and B is Nate.

So maybe the Titans are done with Nate Washington because he shut it down at the end of last season, but they would be insane to believe they can afford to let him go now that they have signed Walter. Cutting a good player because you signed a player that isn't as good as him doesn't seem to be a recipe for success.