Why I Love Football

I have a passion for football that I've never really been able to explain. I've thought and thought on how to describe it, but until now, I couldn't think of how.

We are all connected to this one team, the Tennessee Titans. A franchise that was playing in Houston for a long while, before moving to a new market for a fresh start. We've cried with this team, we've celebrated with this team.

From the play that this wonderful blog is named after, to the tackle that none of us want to bear remembering, to the miraculous undefeated run, to the "delay of game, that wasn't". We have felt joy and pain for this team.

Every fan has their own personal reason for subjecting themselves to this roller-coaster ride. Maybe your family followed this franchise, and you were drawn to them the same way. Maybe you just fell in love with the team on your own.

However you found your way here, you're here. You're a Titans fan, and you want to see them succeed. They hold the power to make or break your week, your month, your year.. your life.

That is why I love football, because it's never "just a game".

Every game is a battle, men fighting for the happiness of those that support them and believe in them.

On any given play, the choice a player makes can provide either joy or agony. During any game, the result will brighten and darken the lives of countless others. And during the mystique of the Superbowl, the result will provide some of the greatest happiness that a person can ever experience... and also, provide some of the darkest depression.

This upcoming season, our Titans will again hold our hearts in their hands. And 31 teams will be doing the same, for those that are connected to them.

We as fans need to support our team, more than any of the other fanbases can support theirs.

So, the next time you think of turning the TV off when we're down, or start believing we're going to lose... I ask that instead you find it in yourself to have faith.

Because in a game as magical as football, it can change a lot more than you may think.