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Noles' Weekly Draft Mailbag: It's Almost Here Edition

9 days left!

Andy Lyons

After last week was a celebration of a certain milestone, this week's edition is a somber one.

The tragic events in Boston on Monday is a sobering reminder that there are some evil people in this world intent on destroying all the good in this wonderful country of ours. No matter if it was foreign or domestic, this act of cowardice will be punished within the fullest extent of the law. How sickening and demented must a person be to carry out such a heinously disgusting crime against innocent people, especially the children? The masses were out enjoying a long time globally recognized traditional Bostonian holiday and we get this. Not only was the US affected in this reprehensible act of terrorism, it was the entire world given all the nations represented in the marathon. It's a miracle that Fenway Park was not directly targeted, otherwise the total casualty amount would be catastrophic. The silver lining in this sad state of events is that people, especially the first responders stepped up to help others with no regard to their own lives. They don't make the game winning shot, putt, or hit a home run but these are the true heroes that we should strive to look up to and celebrate. It was touching to see that the runners who finished a grueling and exhausting 26 miles keep on running to hospitals to give blood. We may have our many differences within this nation but when we've been knocked down, we get back up with a resolute united front to fight through it. In this dark hour of tragedy, nothing personifies the indomitable American spirit more than the city of Boston. It's the baddest, toughest, meanest city there is and it will return with a renewed vengeance. I can promise you that.

With all the said, it's time for the mailbag! The annual 7 round live draft is this weekend, hosted by Turf Show Times. Like I said in the earlier post about it, there will be an open War Room post that will go up on Saturday around noon. robgreenlaw has been named the de facto GM as I'll be heavily involved in running the show on TST and won't be as active in the GM role as in years past. The draft will be held on Saturday and Sunday, starting at 2 pm EDT. I encourage everyone to participate in the War Rooms and let your voice be heard, no matter which way you vote.

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(note - If you plan on emailing me a question, please label the title with "MCM Mailbag" so I don't accidentally skip over it. Also please state in the email if you want me to post your name when I post the question here. Thank you.)