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NFL Mock Draft: Mocking The Picks 23-32

We finish up the last couple of picks in this years draft. Seeing what playoff teams can get better in picks 23-32.


With our third and final addition of the NFL mock draft, I am concluding with the latter part of the draft. All the playoff teams to be exact. How can these guys get even better, or will we see teams trade to get back in the first round?

To view the first parts of my mock, just click on my profile and follow the links, or look in draft section on the MCM front page.

Without further ado, lets get finished with the Mock.

23rd pick. The Minnesota Vikings select : WR Deandre Hopkins, University of Clemson.

I know this one is a head scratch-er to some of you, well probably most of you, but Hopkins makes a lot of sense. With the trade of dynamic Percy Harvin, the Vikings are looking to fill the void somehow. Hopkins doesn't have that versatility that Harvin had, but he's defiantly a more pure receiver, and more durable. Harvin was injured a fair amount during his time in Minnesota and they could benefit from a healthy option at WR. Plus they've gotta get some help around Adrian Peterson, who can carry the load and most of the offense. If he goes down, then what do they have on offense? Not much, plus Ponder could benefit from a pure WR.

other picks: Damontre Moore, Kawann Short, Desmond Tufant, Johnathan Banks.

24th pick. The Indianapolis Colts select: DE Bjoern Warner, Florida State University.

Warner finally gets picked, and is a steal this late. Warner has caught a lot flack for his combine performance, but he still got 13 sacks last year in Tallahassee. He may have to work on being a stand-up pass rusher in a 3-4 scheme that the Colts run, or he could be pushed inside and rush closer to the middle. He's got the size at 6-3, 266 and he almost fits a better 3-4 rusher, than a 4-3 edge rusher. Some say he lacks explosive speed, well if that were true how did he get 13 sacks? I could see the Colts maybe adding a O-lineman here to keep Andrew Luck safe, but they need defense.

other picks: Sam Montgomery, Larry Warford, Barrett Jones, Kawann Short.

25th pick. The Minnesota Vikings (via trade from the Seattle Seahawks for Percy Harvin) select: DT Kawann Short, Purdue.

I know they still have that mountain man in Kevin Williams in the middle along with Jared Allen rushing on the end, but they need some more help at the D-line position. Some would argue they need linebacker help, which they do, but there isn't anyone that really sticks out (Sorry Manti Te'o fans). Look, Short is a large space eater, who can also rush the passer. With the the plethora of good QB's in the NFC north, you need to have a good pass rush. With the addition of Allen you could see the Vikings D-line dominate the trenches.

other picks: Desmond Trufant, Sylvester Williams, Alex Okafor, Kevin Minter.

26th pick. The Green Bay Packers select: RB Le'veon Bell, Michigan State University.

So we got our first RB picked here, and I bet some of you thought it would be Lacy from Alabama. Well after Lacy's poor pro day I expect him to be taken much later. If I don't see GM Ted Thompson trading down here, I'll be surprised. Some argue there isn't any real standout talent at RB to draft in the first round, and to be honest most people are right. Bell on the other hand is a damn good back to have, and he is one the safer one's to pick, especially this early. TE is also a need that should be addressed, but with Eifert taken earlier, RB is almost a given pick. 3-4 DE is also a choice here, but once again RB is a big concern.

other picks: Sam Montgomery, Zach Ertz, Damontre Moore, Datone Jones, Eddie Lacy.

27th pick. The Houston Texans select: WR, Terrence Williams, Baylor University.

Once again another surprise pick. some mocks have Clemson's Hopkins being picked here, but with the Vikings need for a WR I don't see him lasting. For one thing Williams is a local guy and the Texans really need another WR, Andre Johnson can only do so much for them. Plus they are starting to look really old, on both sides of the ball. Maybe not as much on the defensive side as much as the offensive, which makes me lean toward a pick for the offense. LB wouldn't be a bad thing here either because most of us saw how vulnerable they were without Cushing. Still the offensive side is a much more pressing matter, but you could see them trade down.

other picks: Robert Woods, Manti Te'o, Alex Okafor, Ryan Swope.

28th pick. The Denver Broncos select: DE Damontre Moore, University of Texas A&M

A friend of mine almost convinced me that they could take a RB here, but after looking at the current roster I just don't see it. With the loss of Dumervil, the Broncos need another pass rusher. Ayers on one side and Moore on the other is a good combo. Moore did have a poor showing at the combine, but that doesn't mean he won't be taken in the first round. He's too good to pass up this late, especially for a team that was one deep-ball away from the AFC championship. Wouldn't they minded having a pass rusher like Moore, when Flacco chucked that long ball. Safety could be a pickup here with Matt Elam still on the board, but the secondary is already pretty stacked.

other picks: Matt Elam, Cornellius Carradine, Datone Jones, Giovani Bernard, Eddie Lacy.

29th pick. The New England Patriots select: WR Robert Woods, University of Southern California.

With the loss of Wes Welker, and the overall lack of play-makers around Tom Brady, the Pats will more likely go best available WR here. Woods is a good pickup, a local Tennessean also. He didn't have the big numbers this past year like he did in 2011, but still 11 TD's isn't too shabby. the other thing the Pats could do here is go O-line, because they seem to lack the protection they need. They could even go RB here, with Giovani Bernard here. Woods is a solid pickup, and if you have Brady throwing to you, I'm pretty sure he'll be okay.

other picks: Larry Warford, Barrett Jones, Eddie Lacy, Markus Wheaton.

30th pick. The Atlanta Falcons select: DB Desmond Trufant, Washington University.

The Falcons are right there, and I mean right there on being in the Super Bowl. They need some more defense to get the job done. With the aerial attacks of Bree's, Newton, and Freeman to Jackson, they are gonna need a shut-down CB. They lost Brent Grimes in free agency, but he was starting to lack durability. Trufant is somewhat a raw talent, but if coached right he could be the best CB in the draft, better than Milliner or Woods. A Safety was also on the list of potential needs here, but with William Moore being franchised they can get the best available corner at 30. Trufant is another one of those slam dunk picks in my opinion.

other picks: Johnathan Banks, Matt Elam, Kevin Minter

31st pick. The San Francisco 49ers select: DT Johnathan Hankins, The Ohio State University.

I almost went Safety here, with Goldson leaving town for Tampa, that wouldn't be a bad idea here. The 49ers could pick up a Safety like Johnathan Cypien in round 2, or even Baccari Rambo in round 3 (that is just an awesome name!). DT or more importantly NT is a bigger need here, and Hankins is a big guy (330, 6-4). He's a space eater and can free up Patrick Willis to do what he does best, and that is get to the football. I debated between Hankins and Sylvester Williams or even Jesse Williams. In the end Hankins has a better record at being a dominate force in the middle.

other picks: Sylvester Williams, Jesse Williams, Matt Elam.

32nd picks. The defending Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens select: S Matt Elam, The University of Florida.

With the departure of Ed Reed and Bernard Pollard, Elam is a biggest need pick. CB is also a need here as well, but not as bad as S. Elam is arguably better than Vaccaro, because of the SEC competition Elam played week in and week out. So Elam could be a huge steal at 32nd. I was going to put Alex Okafor here originally, until I saw Rolando McClain was picked up today by the Ravens. So they filled a much needed position with McClain, they are able to get another need filled in the draft immediately with the addition of Elam.

other picks: Sam Montgomery, Alex Okafor, Johnathan Banks, Eric Reid.

With that pick ladies and gentleman, you have my in depth analysis Mock Draft 2013, the Super Bowl of the off-season. Please comment and tell me what you would have done differently or what I got wrong in the comments section.

Till next time, stay classy.

On a lighter note, congrats to TheDUCKin'Noles10 and his newest opportunity with, good luck man.