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What does the Jets trading Revis have to do with the Titans drafting a guard?

Why the Titans may miss out on Chance Warmack and Jonathan Cooper if the Jets trade Revis to the Buccaneers.

Ed Mulholland-US PRESSWIRE

Tennessee seems to have all eyes on top guard prospects Jonathan Cooper and Chance Warmack, but is there a chance (no pun intended) that neither make it to the 10th selection? I'm here to put the anxiety back in draft day because Warmack and Cooper are anything but locks to fall to the Titans.

Detroit, Cleveland, Arizona, Buffalo, and the Jets all have major issues at one or more of their interior offensive line spots, and could justify drafting a top guard.

  • The Lions are said to be high on Warmack, but issues at defensive end, offensive tackle, and defensive back will likely force them to go in another direction based on positional value.I suspect that the Lions take a long hard look at Eric Fisher or Dee Milliner depending on who falls.
  • The Browns need a right guard, but it is hard rationalize why they would take a guard that high considering that they drafted a power back at the top of last year's draft and the rest of their offensive line is solid. Cleveland is another strong contender for Milliner, but Tavon Austin or Cordarrelle Patterson could tempt the Browns to jump at a skill player.
  • Arizona should be desperate for any quality players they can get on the offensive line, but there is no reason that both Lane Johnson and Geno Smith should both be unavailable at seven. Even if there is, that would still leave either Dion Jordan, Dee Milliner, or Barkevious Mingo available for a defensive that needs to stay dominant if the Cardinals are going to win any games.
  • At eight, this is where it starts to get dangerous for the Titans. The Bills are reeling after losing their top offensive lineman to the Titans in free agency (whoops) and could easily target Jonathan Cooper to fill that spot. Tennessee could hope for the Bills to fall in love with Cordarrelle Patterson or for Geno Smith to take a tumble out of the top-seven, but neither are guarantees. Lets say that they do take Jonathan Cooper here.
  • It isn't the ninth pick in the draft that should scare Titans fans, it is the 13th. If the Jets trade Revis then they can afford to take BPA at nine and disregard the team needs. Warmack will likely be the best player on the board, and Rex Ryan is a head coach who needs his team to run the ball well and keep the ball out of the QB's hands. If the Jets finalize that trade then the Jets could push the need for a pass rusher and wide receiver back to the 13th pick (which in this deep class will probably still result in a top player) which would mean good bye Warmack.

So fans of the Titans who expect a guard in round one to be a virtual lock should consider just how deep this class is at most other positions, and how talented the two guards at the top truly are. Fasten your seat belts laddies and gentlemen, because we could be in for a wild ride in one of the most unpredictable drafts in recent history.