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A slew of former Vols visit the Titans, what does it mean?

Four former University of Tennessee players worked out for the Titans Saturday via a tweet from one of the participants. Find out who did and how important it is to the Titans' draft plans.


Tyler Bray let the world know that he and three other former Tennessee players met with the Titans and worked out on Saturday.

The crew included the standout wide receiver tandem of Cordarrelle Patterson and Justin Hunter, along with Mayock's top sleeper WR Zach Rogers. Here is a breakdown on where each prospect would be a value on draft weekend. Keep in mind, this isn't a mock it is just a projection of where these players could be available.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>Had a good workout with @<a href="">zro83</a> @<a href="">justinhunter_11</a> @<a href="">ceeflashpee84</a> for the titans.</p>&mdash; Tyler Bray (@tbrayvol8) <a href="">April 13, 2013</a></blockquote>
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Cordarrelle Patterson WR (1sr round)

Patterson is a top-16 prospect despite reports that he is coming of poorly in interviews. He is Percy Harvin like with the ball in his hands and he is a big, strong WR that can box out in the red zone and fight for yards after the catch. Grabbing a player like that in round one makes a lot of sense if the Titans feel comfortable with taking a starting guard later in the draft. Giving Jake Locker the option of throwing to Kendall Wright and Patterson over the next three years would be very appealing to a reasonable front office.

Justin Hunter WR (2nd round)

Before his ACL tear I thought Hunter had A.J. Green like potential, he was a smooth route runner with an elite frame, a great vertical, and deep ball speed. However, after the injury he has looked like a shadow of his former self and likely won't be taken in the first round. As a second round pick he makes sense if you believe that Kenny Britt is unlikely to be a Titan this time next year, and he does offer a big value if he can sure up his hands.

Tyler Bray QB (3rd round comp.)

Bray is Flacco-like in his ability to launch a ball as far as he wants down-field, but you would like a QB with an elite offensive line and a great group of WRs to win a few more games and put up better numbers. If you chalk it up to poor coaching and think that Jake Locker isn't the answer then you could make the argument that bringing him in and letting him compete for the job in 2014 isn't a bad idea.

Zach Rogers (5th round)

Like Mayock I am a HUGE Rogers fan. "Z-Ro" was an excellent slot presence for the Vols over his career and had it not been for the other WRs and TEs that were on the field with him, he could have had some excellent numbers. As it stands now, Rogers is a lower tier version of Tavon Austin (as a WR) that can come in and either stretch the field or be a solid go to WR underneath. I see a lot of similarities to Steve Smith (formerly of the Giants) in Z-Ro. Also, Rogers is a native of Nashville, Tennessee and would have a large home-town appeal.

All in all the Titans could just be doing due diligence, but any of these guys could play for the Titans in the right circumstances. After plugging most of their holes in free agency the Titans are wild cards in this draft, and visits shouldn't be taken lightly.