Offseason Open Thread #7 / Facebook Freebies

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Hey guys.

It's been a while since anyone continued these, but I decided to make another one since I've noticed MCM's conversation slowing to a crawl (as per usual between FA and the draft).

Since I'm still under the minimum word count, here's some free Facebook idiocy to laugh at:

Bullocks my boy. We felt his departure immediately. (2 likes)

Yup.. There's definitely a toilet joke in there somewhere.

Ya when you gonna quit. Being back Fisher (1 like)

This was directed at Mike Keith.

There's a Titans fan out there that thinks our head coach is Mike Keith.

Someone finish this quip for me, because I don't even know what else to say.

We need Tim Tebow (2 likes)

To you and the two people that liked your comment... GO TO ANOTHER PLANET. No, seriously. Pack up your stuff, rent a space shuttle, and never come back. No, you can't take Tebow with you. OK, fine, take the Tebow shrine in your closet if you want to. Just leave us in peace.

Actually, wait, don't go yet. I think we have more passengers to put on board that shuttle:

You idiots will pass on Geno Smith and then cry yourselves to sleep when he takes another team to the Super Bowl.

(later in same comment)

We were better off keeping leaders like kieth bullock, tulloch, chris hope and Finnegian but some stupid idiot in our front office is jacking this team up.


1. Gets 'Geno Smith' perfectly right, then mails it in when naming people that have actually played for the Titans.

2. Uses 'stupid idiot' and is totally serious about it.

3. Actually gets burned by another Facebooker: "brian go sit in corner and think about what you just said." (11 likes)

Congratulations Brian, you are deserving of being the final guy quoted on this post.

You know the drill.

Talk about whatever interests you've been using to sustain your boredom while we wait for the draft.

Let's get the talking started!