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NFL Mock Draft 2013: Mocking Picks 11-22

Part two of my three part opinion on how the draft will play out. Specifically the middle of the draft.


Last time I was here, I had just finished up the first 10 picks of the draft. Now as I continue my mock, I'll start with pick 11 in San Diego.

To view my first 10 picks just go to my bio page and click on the first 10 picks.

Without further ado lets get started.

11th pick. The San Diego Chargers select-WR Tavon Austin, University of West Virginia.

I am predicting this pick based on need, and not best available. I know some of you are saying, "Well if it's need don't the chargers need O-line?" They do, that's why Johnathan Cooper could be picked here. The lose of offensive line could be a tipping point in selecting Cooper or another O-lineman, but not this early. Defense was another possibility, but the Chargers actually have a decent defense. The Chargers thought the loss of Vincent Jackson wouldn't be that bad, but in actuality they lost a lot of that offensive spark they had always had. So Austin would probably be the smartest pick here.

other pick: Johnathan Cooper, Bjoern Warner, Justin Hunter, Cordarrelle Patterson.

12th pick. The Miami Dolphins select-DT Sharrif Floyd, University of Florida.

Now there had been recent news out of Dolphins camp that they are looking at trading up to get Oklahoma Sooner LT Lane Johnson, so this my be an invalid pick. Still, if they are still at 12th and a quality Tackle isn't there, then they would be stupid to pass up on Floyd. They got Mike Wallace in FA to give Tannehill a weapon on offense, but maybe they add on another WR, or CB (even with the signing of Brent Grimes). Floyd is the best player available and he's an absolute steal here at 12. Some people have him number 2, on a lot of big boards. Put him next to all-pro's Randy Starks and Cameron Wake, and they got quite the D-line.

other picks: Xavier Rhodes, Keenan Allen, D.J. Flucker

13th pick: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers select-Trade Pick To The New York Jets for DB Darrell Revis. The new 13th pick: The New York Jets select-WR Keenan Allen, California University.

The news coming out of Tampa is they are gonna trade their first pick to NYJ for Revis, but the Jets want more. As of right now Tampa is saying no, but I think this is inevitable to be honest. It's just part of the process of getting the best deal. If I was Tampa I would make the trade, and then they arguably have the best secondary in football with Revis and recent FA additions. So with the trade I see the Jets going WR with the addition of Keenan Allen. Like I said earlier, the Jets need lots of help and Allen shores up the WR, especially with the lack of play-makers on the offensive side of the ball. Some people think they should take Hunter or Patterson, or even a QB (They will, just not this early). I think Allen is the best pick here.

other picks: Justin Hunter, Cordarrelle Patterson, Matt Barkley, Ryan Nassib, Xavier Rhodes.

14th pick: The Carolina Panthers select-DT Sheldon Richardson, Missiouri

The Panthers regressed a bit in there 2012 season, some argue it was the poor play of Cam Newton. Which is somewhat true, but it was much bigger than that, because he really started to turn it on during the last couple of games in the season. The lack of more talent at the WR position made me think they could go Patterson or Hunter here as well, but they need a D-tackle. They got Charles Johnson on the outside edge, but no one in the interior D-line getting a push. With defensive minded coach Ron Rivera on the hot seat makes me think he bets on what he knows best, and that's defense. Richardson could potentially be a game changer if coached right. Some argue he's the number one DT in this years draft.

other picks: Xavier Rhodes, Justin Hunter, Cordarrelle Patterson, Bjoern Warner.

15th pick: The New Orleans Saints select-CB Xavier Rhodes, Florida State University.

The Saints had a rather unexpected mediocre 2012, but a lot of that was attributed to the "bounty-gate" suspensions of Sean Peyton and Gregg Williams. They are still a very good team, especially with Brees at QB. I wouldn't be surprised if they went D-line or outside linebacker either, but Rhodes is too good to pass up right here. With new D-coordinator Rob Ryan being able to actually make roster suggestion without Jerry Jones constantly questioning his decision making, could sway the organization to go defensive. Which they are in dire need of, especially in the secondary. Rhodes is the perfect fit.

other picks: Desmond Trufant, Bjoern Warner, Barkevious Mingo, Alec Ogletree

16th pick: The St. Louis Rams select-OG Johnathan Cooper, University of North Carolina.

Jeff Fisher has made it evident they want Warmack, in fact there were rumors of him trading up to get him. I don't see any of the first 10 teams letting someone jump ahead without paying a big price to move up (the Jets are possibility though). Cooper is just as serviceable as Warmack and in fact could be better. We could potentially see the first RB picked here, but i highly doubt it. We could even see our first S picked here also, because the Rams are in need of a S. Plus they are looking to add more play makers around Sam Bradford, WR is a possibility. They gotta go Cooper here, they can pick up a RB, WR, or S with their second 1st round pick or in the 2nd.

other picks: Kenny Vaccaro, Eddie Lacey, Justin Hunter, Cordarrelle Patterson

17th pick: The Pittsburgh Steelers select-WR Justin Hunter, University of Tennessee.

The Steelers are starting to look kind of old lately, especially their defense. So some fresh blood of edge rushers or secondary players could be good. You just can't lose your best deep weapon and expect to still be good, I like Sanders and Brown, but neither could stretch the field like Wallace. Justin Hunter is a burner who had played in a pro-style offense and can chase the deep ball. I choose Hunter over Patterson because he's got a better burst, better hands, and more big game experience. Plus he's a big WR, which a lot of teams are looking for.

other picks: Bjoern Warner, Damontre Moore, Kenny Vaccaro, Alec Ogletree

18th pick: The Dallas Cowboys select-S Kenny Vaccaro, University of Texas.

To be honest the Cowboys are a very good team, with a lot of talent. For some reason their secondary is horrendous. A lot of that can be blamed on the S play, which is why Vaccaro is perfect. At the same time, their D-line is great, but it could benefit from someone like Alec Ogletree or Mingo. So the Vaccaro pick to me is a bigger gamble then getting a good 3-4 LB, but could pay huge dividends. This pick I am not as sure as other's I've made so far. So I could be way off on this one, but I think it would be really good for Vaccaro to end up here.

other picks: Alec Ogletree, Barkevious Mingo, Demontre Moore.

19th pick: The New York Giants select-TE Tyler Eifert, Notre Dame .

Okay this one may be a bit of a head scratch-er to some, but hear me out. Maybe the Giants could go D-tackle here or even linebacker, but they aren't in dire need of any of those guys. Offensive line is even a possibility, but with Eifert just sitting there as the number one rated TE, you can't pass him up. Especially since your starting TE just left town. They have got the edge rushers and already a pretty good secondary. Yes Mingo and Ogletree could be picked here, especially Mingo, because the lack of athletic ability for the Sam or Will linebackers (that's strong and weak side linebackers for the football deficient). I just think the Giants stick it out with Rivers and Kiwanuka. Eifert gives Eli Manning a safety blanket with his catching ability, which they have lacked since Shockey or Kevin Boss.

other picks: Barkevious Mingo, Alec Ogletree, or best available OL

20th pick: The Chicago Bears select-ILB Alec Ogletree, University of Georgia.

Finally, Ogletree is picked! With the release of Brian Urlacher, the Bears are looking to make a new force in the middle of the defense, and it couldn't be any more convenient that Ogletree is there. The guy is a leader on an SEC squad that was able to stop the mighty Crimson Tide a couple times in the SEC Championship. He is also rated the number one Mike Linebacker (that's middle for the football illiterate) in the draft. DE could also be the right choice here, especially with the talent left on the board, but sometimes you need a field general in the middle to control your defense. Urlacher was that mighty Bear for the last decade, and it's time to put a new one in there.

other picks: Bjoern Warner, Mingo (yet again), Demontre Moore.

21st pick: The Cincinnati Bengals select-OLB Barkevious Mingo, Louisiana State University.

Finally, Mingo gets picked as well! I'm a big fan of Mingo's mainly because he reminds me of Jevon Kearse coming out of college (Kearse is still better, in my Titan opinion). Some questions about his work ethic have come up, but personally what college player hasn't had that said about them before. I know it's a character flaw, but if you know you're going to be drafted and play in the next level, wouldn't you worry about your safety a little bit (look at Clowney in South Carolina). You could see the first RB taken here. Other than the Law-Firm in Green-Ellis, they don't have much talent there. They will more than likely take one in the 3rd or 2nd. They already have a young crop of linebackers in Burfict and Maualuga, so why not add a hybrid like Mingo.

other picks: Eddie Lacy, Monte Ball, Kawann Short

22nd pick: The St. Louis Rams (via trade Washington Redskins) select-WR Cordarrelle Patterson, University of Tennessee.

As I stated earlier the Rams need to put play-makers around Sam Bradford. No offense to Brian Quick, he's not a number one wide reciever. Patterson can spread the field, he is extremely versatile, and some argue he is better than Hunter. I disagree because he only played one season of division I (or FBS) football. In that one season though he scored 12 touchdowns for UT, which made him one of the only bright spots for the Vols this past year. Once again I'll state you could see a S or RB picked here, or even potentially a CB, but the Rams defense is pretty talented and they can wait till round two to pick a S or RB. Patterson could actually make them a threat on the offensive side of the ball and on special teams.

other picks: Eddie Lacy, Monte Ball, Matt Elam, Johnathan Banks.

Okay with parts one and two complete, all I got left is the playoff teams with picks 23-32. Part 3 will be complete in the next day or two, until then, you guys stay classy.